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Conservatory Care Guide

General Cleaning

The roof and side frames of your conservatory should be washed down every four months with a soap water solution to remove grime and atmospheric deposits.


Frames only – to remove any stubborn blemishes use a strong, non-abrasive, proprietary cleaner such as cream cleanser (eg CIF).

Please Note: Never use powerwashers


Your double glazed products are designed with an inbuilt drainage system, comprising slots within the thresholds that allow any water ingres to flow to the outside. To ensure an efficient system these slots must remain unlocked. Periodically remove dirt, clear drain holes and check drainage operation flushing through with water.


Ensure that the weatherseals fitted to your doors and windows do not become dislodged during cleaning. If this does occur simply slide the seal back into place immediately to aboid damage when the product is closed. If the weatherseals are broken or damaged and draughts can be felt, contact your installer promptly to arrange for a replacement.

Gutters & Box Gutters

In a conservatory the guttering is always laid level in accordance with BS EN 12056 Parts 1,3 & 5 Code of Practice for Drainage of Roofs. Therefore you will notice standing water in your gutter system. It is important that you clean the gutters regularly – be sure to use crawl boards as shown (to the right) if accessing a conservatory roof.



Condensation occurs when water vapour comes into contact with a cold surface such as glass and the vapour turns into water droplets. Condensation can only ever be minimised and never completely eradicated. Newly constructed conservatories need an initial “drying out” period. Many hundreds of litres of water are used during its construction, i.e. dwarf walls, concrete bases and plasterwork. In Winter they will take longer to dry out.


Provide natural ventilation to help minimise condensation and maintain a comfortable interior temperaure whenever possible by:

  • Opening windows/doors
  • Ensure trickle vents in the ridge are open at all times – slide the control to open setting
  • Ensure trickle vents at the eaves(where fitted) are open at all times
  • Open the roof vent (if fitted)

Be sure to consider security when leaving open an easily accessible window or roof vent.


Heating can also assist with controlling condensation and should be marginally increased in any areas where condensation is a problem. Maintain some heat in the conservatory during cold weather and if possible place heating appliances under windows to maintain the temperature of the inside pane of the double-glazing

If your conservatory is fitted with a fan or Ridgeflow unti which fails, always consult a qualified electrician or your installation company