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If you are considering building an extension onto your house then you might have already thought about the possibility of a conservatory. Conservatories are very versatile structures, simple to construct and well known, popular choices for creating additional space within a property. However, in recent years people looking to add a little bit of luxury to their homes have been opting instead to build orangeries. We install orangeries in most properties over the North east specifically in Newcastle.

You might wonder at the differences between an orangery and a conservatory. Typically, orangeries are more like house extensions than conservatories. They have more brickwork meaning they offer more privacy than a conservatory would although they do still incorporate the large windows and glass roof giving your home the added sense of space and light. However, orangeries are considered to be more of a permanent feature than conservatories due to their robust structure and brick pillars. Because of this they are often used as kitchens or dining rooms whereas a conservatory would be typically used as a sun room or play room. Of course, they are used for a good many other reasons as well, an orangery is just as versatile an addition as a conservatory would be.

Building an orangery would add value to your home and is a very modern and contemporary choice. Although very similar to conservatories they offer a more seamless link between your home and your garden and with the slightly elevated roof they create a great sense of space and light. They also come with a certain amount of status which make them stand apart from your typical conservatory. It is certainly worth considering an orangery when thinking about building an extension onto your home.

Our orangeries come in a variety of styles and designs to suit all budgets and property types. We can install orangeries in most properties and cover the North east specifically Newcastle.