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Preparing Your Conservatory For Winter

23rd November, 2016


The days are closing in and it is a good time of year to be proactive and take care of any maintenance issues that could affect the performance of your conservatory. With some care, you can prime your conservatory to be a cosy and comfortable retreat during the winter months.

Leak Alert

Check all your windows and seals to make sure there are no cracks or gaps that can let heat out or moisture in. Leaking can cause all kinds of problems, and while giving the conservatory a thorough inspection, look out for vents that don’t close properly, damaged flashing, roof panels that may have slipped and any cappings that have come loose.

Clean and Tidy

As the gutters fill with autumn leaves, make sure they are cleared out to allow adequate flow and avoid any kind of back-up or pooling that could lead to water damage. A gutter that is free of debris will conduct water most effectively away from your conservatory and into the drain.

Also check the roof panels and ensure that they are sealed and sturdily in place. Scrutinize any timber frames and repaint or revarnish any peeling wood. If any timber is cracked or rotting it must be removed and replaced, and it is best to do this before the weather gets too wet. Any broken glass should be replaced as well.

While the conservatory is warm in summer, in winter temperatures drop, so if you’re thinking about adding a radiator to boost comfort, now is the time to take care of that. Putting some rugs on the floor will also make the conservatory warmer and more pleasant during the frosty months of the year, and double glazing will make heating more efficient by keeping the warmth inside.

If you are considering adding value to your home in the North East with a conservatory or orangery, why not consult the us, Solar Windows & Conservatories for some ideas.