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How Much Value Can A Conservatory Add To Your Home?

15th May, 2016

conservatories-innerConservatories are an incredibly versatile space, and statistics show that adding one to your home could add tens of thousands of pounds to its market value. But while a well-designed and well-built conservatory can create more value than it costs to build, it must also be remembered that a badly constructed one might actually lower the price of your home.

Making The Most Of The Space You Have

Conservatories can be the making of a house, and whichever end of the market your home is at, adding a conservatory is a sure-fire way to add interest and value to your property. They can serve as additional living space; as a pleasant sun lounge on long summer days; as a storage space; or somewhere to grow your pot plants. However you choose to use the additional floor space, they are always a strong selling point.

With the housing market still on the up, a bespoke conservatory – even if it costs upwards of £10,000 to build – is likely to add £30,000 or more to the value of an average house. Not a bad investment!

How To Make Yours A Unique Selling Point

If you want a conservatory to add value to your property, then the most important thing you can do is obtain advice from a qualified expert and have it specially designed. With many years of experience in this sector, at Solar Windows and Conservatories we offer practical help and craft tailor-made conservatory extensions, making your home stand out to potential buyers.

It is important to remember that a conservatory should feel like an integral part of the house rather than an ill-conceived add-on. Poorly designed and badly-built extensions are not only an eyesore but can deter buyers and drive down the value of your home.

Built with care and attention to detail, however, a conservatory could be the thing which ultimately clinches the deal and ensures that you obtain the maximum price for your house.