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Let’s Talk about Roof Lanterns

30th January, 2017


One of the things which gives a room a particular feel is light. Whether it’s cosy and comforting or airy and bright, the amount and quality of light is a decisive factor.

Of course, natural light from the sun is dependent on the time of day, time of year and the position of the sun in the sky. If you want a room that receives maximum light at all times then you can’t rely on windows in the perimeter walls, you need light from above.

The Sky’s the Limit

No surprise, then, that an increasingly popular feature for developers and homeowners is a roof lantern or ‘Skypod’. These pitched skylights are ideal for garden rooms and extensions, their design combining modern materials that will go well with existing UPVC windows and doors with a stylish look that will suit both modern and more traditional properties.

Skypods come in different sizes, so they can be used on many different projects. They represent a good solution for makeovers, giving homeowners the opportunity to turn an existing flat-roofed extension into a lighter more usable space. This is great for things like studio space where light is a key factor. A roof lantern can also be used to add an extra feature to an existing orangery or even as part of converting a garage into living or office space.

Roof lanterns aren’t just for adding value to existing properties though, they’re increasingly being used on new builds too. The feeling of extra space and light they offer makes a big difference to the attractiveness of a property, turning a boring flat roof into a focal point and enhancing the buyer appeal of the property.

Solar Windows offers a choice of roof lanterns that will give your home a new, modern, airy look, without costing a fortune.