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Making The Most Of Your Conservatory In The Summer

23rd June, 2016


Your conservatory is the perfect place to relax and unwind this summer, regardless of whether the sun is shining outside or not! With a few simple additions and accessories, it can be transformed into a tranquil haven that you and your family can escape to.

Inject Some Life Into It

Bringing your conservatory back to life this summer doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. Simply empty it out and give it a thorough clean before putting some comfy furniture in there that will allow you to sit back and enjoy the view of your garden. To add to this idyllic setting, introduce some conservatory plants along with candles and mood lighting (e.g. fairy lights) so you can enjoy it at all times, day and night.

Make it a Relaxing Place for You and Your Friends

To make your conservatory a place you want to go and relax, you need to turn it into a space that you’ll enjoy. So if you like reading, doing crosswords or drawing, set these items up in there so you can jump straight in whenever the mood takes you.

Adding chairs and a table will also make it a great place to go at breakfast time, and it’ll be the perfect spot to read your newspaper! For added entertainment, place a bird table just outside your conservatory window so you can enjoy watching the birds feed.

Another perfect way to use your conservatory is to turn it into a party room. With bi-fold doors opening out onto the garden, you and your guests can enjoy a barbecue, al fresco dining or a nice glass of wine. What’s more, having the conservatory to retreat to is a lifesaver, particularly with the unpredictability of the English weather! It’s also a far warmer place to be when the sun sets and temperatures drop.

Whatever the weather this summer, your conservatory can be a luxurious escape.