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Keep Your Conservatory Cool

23rd March, 2016 - One of the main selling points of conservatories is the vision of bathing in the sunlight pouring in through large glass windows. Such luxury turns a conservatory into a cool, warm sanctuary from which you can bask in pleasant weather. But without care, your conservatory can be transformed into a (...) Read more

Wood Doors versus UPVC Doors

15th February, 2016 - When you are choosing your new exterior door, there are a number of factors that you need to consider. You need your door to be secure. You need your door to be stable. You need a door that will need little maintenance or repair, and, of course, you need a (...) Read more

Is Planning Permission Required For a Conservatory

28th January, 2016 - A conservatory can be a great addition to any home, available in a range of styles and offering versatile living space, additional light and the benefit of bringing the outside in. Not all conservatories will require you to apply for planning permission, provided that your structure meets certain stipulations. What (...) Read more

Decorating Your Conservatory

18th December, 2015 - A conservatory is a superb addition to any home. Not only does it add value and provide extra space, it is also great location in which to simply relax and look out over the garden. Decorating your conservatory needs careful consideration. You may, for example, decide to come up with (...) Read more

Protecting Your Conservatory During Winter

25th November, 2015 - Protecting the use of your conservatory is something that will be on many home owners' minds this winter. Conservatories are so often neglected and you may find yourself and your family avoiding using yours during the colder months. Which is a real shame, because conservatories are incredibly versatile rooms. Keeping (...) Read more

Veranda Conservatories – Blurring the Margin between Home and Garden

17th September, 2015 - The conservatory has always been popular with those wishing to bring their garden into their home, and vice-versa. But the latest trend involves enclosing the veranda. Any existing veranda can be transformed with the simple addition of doors. Whether bi-folding or sliding, a far larger space can be created. Construction (...) Read more

How UPVC Doors and Windows are Beneficial to Your Home

3rd August, 2015 - When it comes to doors and windows for your home, there are a number of options you can select from. Over recent years, UPVC windows in Newcastle homes have become extremely popular. Likewise, UPVC doors in Newcastle homes have become a popular option. This is because these windows and doors (...) Read more

Bi-fold Doors – How They Make Your Home Stand Out

6th July, 2015 - When it comes to our homes we all want to make them look as attractive and stylish as possible. There are many different ways in which you can do this, some simpler than others. One of the things that you can look at are the doors in your home, and (...) Read more

Introducing our “Door Builder”

15th June, 2015 - Creating a custom door just got that bit easier with our new feature that allows you to customise a brand new door for your home. The new feature allows you to choose everything you want in your new door from what frame you want down to the colour of the (...) Read more

Tips on Keeping Your Doors and Windows Secure

12th May, 2015 - These days, we are all concerned when it comes to the security of our homes. Naturally, nobody wants to fall victim to criminal activity such as break-ins, which is why it is important to take steps to ensure your doors and windows are secure. This can help to provide you (...) Read more

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