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Planning Permission For Orangeries

23rd April, 2016

Orangeries have fast become a must-have part of the house, and it is easy to see why. Who wouldn’t want large glass windows and plenty of natural light with a greater sense of luxury and splendour than a traditional PVC conservatory?

As with all extensions to your house, it is important to consider factors such as planning permission, and preferably before you have paid for an architect or contracted a builder for your new orangery. Violations of planning regulations can lead to fines of up to £5,000 and the structure can be removed.

Read on and you will see that the situation regarding planning permission for orangeries is actually quite straightforward to navigate.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

Provided that your orangery meets certain conditions, the structure will be exempt from planning permission. These conditions stipulate that the development must be to the rear or side of the property and the orangery cannot cover more than half the land of your plot that is not occupied by the house. Additionally, assuming your orangery will be a single-storey building, it cannot be higher than four metres and cannot extend outwards more than three metres. These limits can be increased by notifying the Local Planning Authority, which will contact your neighbours to see whether they have any objections.

Listed Buildings

If, however, you live in a listed building, the situation becomes a little more difficult and you will require listed building consent from the government. Even if consent is granted, more conditions will be stipulated, such as the preservation of certain architectural features of the pre-existing house and the repair of any damage caused by building work. Again, violating these laws will land you in a lot of trouble. An application for planning permission, should you need it, costs around £150 – far less than the potential fine.

Do your research beforehand and you will soon be able to enjoy the luxury of your brand new orangery.