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Timber vs UPVC, Which Is Best?

22nd August, 2016

If you’ve decided to replace your doors and windows, you’re about to make a critical decision – timber vs UPVC. Each has their positives and negatives, but it’s worth taking the time to make an informed decision.

The Beauty of Wood

There is no doubt that timber doors and windows have a natural beauty and elegance that UPVC finds hard to match. Of course, that may also depend on other factors like the age and style of the property, but wood can be surprisingly hard wearing, lasting many times longer than UPVC.

Timber, of course, requires regular yearly maintenance to keep it looking its best, and there can be a major environmental impact if you choose doors or windows made from tropical hardwoods. As the ultimate sustainable building material, however, wood has the edge if environmental concerns are high on your list. Be aware that the beauty and durability of wood costs. Double glazed units, conservatories and doors are often triple the price of their UPVC equivalents.

The Efficiency of UPVC

For its superior soundproofing and insulation qualities, UPVC wins every time. If you prefer a more modern look or prefer the low maintenance of UPVC, then it’s an obvious choice for doors, windows and conservatories. High quality UPVC can also handle extremes of weather better than natural timber.

Unsurprisingly, UPVC is a less environmentally friendly material than timber, which can be recycled when replaced. The cheaper costs, even for best quality UPVC, is often a decisive factor and with additional features like superior security locking systems and a wide range of colours and designs including natural wood grain, UPVC can be the smart homeowners’ choice.

If you still have questions about timber vs UPVC, Solar windows and conservatories will be happy to help you make up your mind, but replacing your windows is a smart choice whichever material you decide to use.