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Aluminium windows

Planning a commercial or domestic renovation project? If so, consider investing in aluminium windows for a corrosion-proof, low-maintenance solution. Compatible with a broad range of accessories, this lightweight metal is durable and could add an element of style to the property. Aside from being a practical option, aluminium is a state-of-the-art thermally efficient choice, and could even maximise security! Designed to last, windows of this kind from Solar Windows & Conservatories Limited will reduce heat loss and your carbon footprint, because they exceed energy efficiency standards.

Should you be looking for a way to add charm to the home without overspending, aluminium windows will be worthwhile. Unlike other materials that must be finished in a certain way, aluminium can be left in its original condition. However, decorative finishes in the form of painting or anodising can add protection and style. Even without a protective coating of this kind, the metal still guarantees a long product life, due to the fact it will not warp, split or crack, even when faced with the elements. Not a fan of metal? Achieve a timber look by finishing this environmentally sustainable material with grade powder coatings.