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Timber Windows

In the construction industry, a trusted and true material that has been used for centuries is timber. This is because timber is rugged and durable and it is a natural insulator, which makes it ideal for window frames. It is also considered an environmentally friendly option, making it more appealing. The timber that we use in our frames is top quality ensuring superior longevity. While the frames require maintenance from time to time, they are easily repaired, making it an affordable option for long-lasting windows.

Unlike other window materials, when you choose timber for your windows you will be able to change the look at any time with a new coat of paint. More and more people are switching back to timber frames for their windows due to the many benefits they offer for the environment, energy savings and even helping to create a healthier environment inside of your home.

Timber is a material that has been used for centuries, and there is a good reason for this. It is durable, resistant to weather and able to be easily repaired, giving it a longevity that other materials can simply not live up to. With this information you can clearly see the benefits offered by timber.

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